Seidensticker & San Filippo Law Firm Background

Seidensticker & San Filippo is a Florida law firm that was established in 1996 when its partners, Wayde P. Seidensticker, Jr. and N. Paul San Filippo, joined forces. For several years before starting their firm, Wayde and Paul worked for large, high profile, civil litigation law firms in Miami, Florida, where they handled a wide array of civil litigation cases in state and federal courts throughout Florida. This experience enabled them to appreciate the importance of having unrestricted lines of communication with clients to be most effective in accomplishing a client’s goals. Working on cases together during this time, Wayde and Paul also realized their potential as a legal team, and with a growing client base in South Florida, they recognized an opportunity to start their own civil litigation law firm. Since it was established over seventeen years ago, Seidensticker & San Filippo has always focused its practice in the area of civil disputes and litigation. A list of some of the areas in which the firm has focused its practice is in the Practice Areas section of our website.