Personalized Service Advocating Client’s Legal Rights

Our law firm handles an array of legal matters, but we limit the number of client cases that we accept and handle at any given time. We are proud to have had the opportunity to serve some of our clients for well over a decade. Our accessibility facilitates our responsiveness to each client’s specific needs, and enables us to offer timely and effective legal counsel and advice when it is needed most. New clients are often referred to us by other lawyers or clients, which we consider to be a compliment to our firm’s experience, accomplishments and reputation. We strive to establish and maintain straightforward and unrestricted lines of communication with each client to expedite early assessment and evaluation of a client’s particular legal situation and needs. We believe that our personalized approach is the best way to quickly gain an understanding of a client’s specific legal objectives, and is key to a successful client-lawyer relationship. By establishing effective communications with our clients, it helps us to assess their rights, make recommendations and form strategies aimed at accomplishing their objectives effectively. We pride ourselves on being accessible to our clients, in person and by telephone. We also recognize the importance of our clients’ time, and regularly use email and Skype for clients who prefer the convenience of those methods to communicate. Legal disputes can often be resolved through effective and reasoned negotiation to avoid the need for court proceedings or litigation. However, in other situations, formal litigation and a trial may be necessary. As seasoned litigators and trial lawyers, we can provide effective legal representation to a client faced with either scenario. We are committed to providing effective legal representation, both as skilled negotiators outside the courtroom, and as zealous trial lawyers in the courtroom. To inquire further about how Seidensticker & San Filippo may be able to assist you, please contact us.