Naples Business Litigation Attorneys and Personal Injury Lawyers

Focused on Effective Conflict Resolution and Zealous Advocacy of Client’s Rights.

Seidensticker and San Filippo is a law firm based in Naples, Florida, whose lawyers practice primarily in the areas of business litigation and personal injury law. Prior to establishing their partnership in 1996, Wayde P. Seidensticker, Jr., and N. Paul San Filippo began their legal careers working for large high profile civil litigation law firms in Miami, where they handled a wide array of civil litigation in state and federal courts throughout Florida. This experience enabled them to recognize their potential as a legal team and the growing need and opportunity in Southwest Florida for attorneys that practice civil litigation.... From the outset, the firm made a conscious decision to limit the number of client cases it accepts so it could maintain a concierge-style law practice. The firm promotes having straightforward and unrestricted lines of communication with clients which helps to effectively assess and evaluate legal issues. Because the outcome of a legal conflict can often be fact-driven, a client’s unrestricted ability to communicate information about their specific legal issue or problem can be a big part of being able to efficiently identify the best legal options to accomplish resolution.

Business Litigation

Seidensticker and San Filippo’s business litigation skills have helped them earn the trust and confidence of business clients, several of which the firm has been privileged to maintain a professional relationship with for well over a decade. Many of the firm clients are referred by former clients – a testament to the firm’s experience and reputation. The firm’s litigation experience over the years has also provided its lawyers with insight for giving legal counsel and advice that can help clients avert legal conflict. In many instances, legal matters or disputes can be resolved through effective negotiation, without the need for court proceedings or litigation. In other cases, formal litigation through the courts and trial is necessary. For those faced with a lawsuit or litigation, the attorneys’ tireless work ethic is geared towards identifying client’s legal rights and zealously advocating to attain fair and just results. As seasoned litigators and trial lawyers, the firm represents clients under either scenario, and all phases of conflict resolution.

Personal Injury

Seidensticker and San Filippo are experienced personal injury attorneys. They understand that personal injury cases can be stressful and overwhelming, both to the injured person and their family, and can be the biggest crisis of a lifetime. The firm’s attorneys are compassionate, and strive to deliver individualized client service so the facts and legal issues affecting liability and damage issues pertinent to a client’s claim can be quickly identified. Sometimes personal injury cases are complex and involve hospitals, medical providers, insurance companies or big businesses that rely on expensive and skilled legal teams to avoid liability. Personal injury cases often require extensive investigation, research and preparation. Seidensticker and San Filippo will work diligently on your behalf and handle your case so you can focus on recovery from your loss. If you have a legal dispute or matter, contact Seidensticker and San Filippo to see if we may be able to help.